Tado wireless thermostat connected but no heating

I have a small problem. I received my Wireless Tado Room Thermostat today and a guy tried to fit it for this evening. On completion of the installation, I have found myself with no heating (but I do have hot water)


Here is all the information I have.


The boiler is a Intergas HRE

The Wireless receiver which is connected to the boiler appears to be working fine, all the lamps are lit (except the one with an error/storing). The Tado app can see all the Tado Radiator Valves, the bridge and the receiver near the boiler.


When I increase the room temperature on the app or via the thermostat nothing happens, the radiators remain cold.


The app is communicating with all sensors

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  • cbd20
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    @Jason1704 is the wireless receiver correctly set as the zone controller for all devices?

    In the app: Settings, Rooms & Devices. Click the room name, scroll to the bottom and check that the zone controller is set to be the wireless receiver.


  • I also have same issue :(
    Installed wireless thermoset (v3+) on my Vaillant ecotec plus today, but the boiler is not turning on/off when I use the app or room controller.
  • I resolved my issue by performing all the steps in the correct order again.

    Remove the wireless receiver and bridge from the app and then add again.

    Press button on the bridge next to modem and then the button on the receiver