Smart Radiator valves

Don't know if I'm alone in this, or whether this question is on this forim, but just fitted a full Tado system to the 20 radiators in my house, and particularly where there is no noise absorption, ie curtains, the noise that the valves make when opening/closing/ adjusting, can be heard, just about through the whole house - lts quite intrusive!

Has anyone got any suggestions/ideas how this can be reduced?


  • You'll get used to the sound!
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    How can we imagine the sound? Is it a "hum" like a small electric motor or is it more of a creak, rattle or knock?

  • It is a motorised humming sound, lasting 1-3 seconds.
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    how do you know? Do you know @Joet1201?

  • What heat expert says is correct.

    What I would add is that some valves are a lot noiser than others
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    I think the metal pins of your valves don't slide smoothly anymore. If the pins are difficult to move, the thermostat motors may get louder.

    The 10 motors in my tado thermostats are very quiet and can hardly be heard.

    You can apply silicone spray to the pins and move them with pliers until they slide easily again.

    If the valves are too old then they should be changed.