Is this 2nd Zone Setup possible?

Picture is the Boiler set up as of now. Downstairs is a controller to a wireless Honeywell thermostat, with TRV on radiators, Upstairs was the same but replaced the controller with extension kit, with all radiators having Tado valves and wireless thermostats in two bedrooms.

Am I right in saying that I could just replace the Downstairs controller with a wired Tado thermostat, which can be now changed to be Zone controller? And do similar to what I have upstairs with Tado radiator valves and Wireless thermostats in main rooms?

Can anyone give any clarity if what I think possible actually is?



  • Yes, you can replace that Honeywell receiver box with a wired thermostat and set it as a zone controller for the downstairs. Must be wired as you already have one wireless receiver. Assuming the equipment in the photo is in a cupboard, you’ll have to extend the wiring to place the new thermostat in the living area.

  • Thanks for the response! The photo is the utility room connected separate to the house, which I had planned to leave as an always on radiator on the downstairs loop, old house noisy pipes. Would it be an issue to leave it in situ, with an radiator with a TRV value then putting Tado wireless thermostats and valves in the other other rooms downstairs? Wall behind is the kitchen so would be the end of the world if I had to drill through and use it in there

  • If you put smart TRVs on the other downstairs radiators then you don’t need to move the wall thermostat.