Help please!

Hi there.

I have the tado smart thermostat ru01

In my old house I had it wired in. It was the only thermostat in the house.

My new house has a wireless thermostat (digistat+ rf) in the living room (the only thermostat in the house) and a panel wired to the boiler called drayton digistat scr.

I have the Internet dongle thing plugged in the router and the thermostat has batteries and is connected to it. But I have no idea how I get it all to talk to the boiler. I assume the tado smart thermostat ru01 won't talk to the drayton digistat scr thing ?

I thought I might need a wired in tado reciever to replace the drayton digistat scr , but I can't find where I'd get that from. Does such a thing exist ?

Or do I just replace the drayton digistal scr with the tado smart thermostat (wired in)?

Help. I've tried the tutorial thing but it just acts like it's all sorted already.


  • Tado is not compatible with Drayton or any other brand of thermostat. You need to convert your Tado system to wireless and you can do this by purchasing the “Add-on Wireless Receiver”. If you purchase the Wireless Receiver Starter Kit you will get an additional Bridge which you don’t need.

    Install the Wireless Receiver in place of the SCR and then position the Thermostat wherever you want in the home.

    Alternatively you replace the SCR with the wired thermostat, but I guess this will put the thermostat in a location that is not suitable for measuring the temperature of your living space.

  • I'm no expert, but from what I know as a Tado user, you had the right answer here....

    "Or do I just replace the drayton digistal scr with the tado smart thermostat (wired in)?"

    I replaced a Drayton Digistat+2 in my own property and it was a simple case of turning off mains power to the boiler, disconnecting two wires from the old thermostat, removing it from the wall and mounting the Tado Smart Wired Thermostat in its place and connecting the two wires as instructed by the Tado app and powering it all back on.

    The Tado instructions were detailed and thorough. I was impressed at the thought that went into them. Are you sure that you've started from the beginning with the instructions and told them that you have a different "old" thermostat that needs connecting from scratch. Otherwise, if you've already had the system set up elsewhere Task will assume that its thermostat has already been fitted. You need to start over.

  • You can change your chosen thermostat here....

    and then view the instructions for your updated choice - assuming Tado has support for your model.