v6.27.0 and still no copy & paste

Just updated to version 6.27.0 and I still can't copy and paste settings within my schedule. I understand Tado need to know if updates are being used but this is really, really frustrating.


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    Are you sure? It works well since at least 6.26

  • I don't have this icon on 6.27.0 Android.

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    I have no access to Android, sorry. Have you tried the web app instead (as a temporary solution) ?


  • @rafm5 Nothing in the web app either. Is this one of the things they're rolling out to selected test groups, so account based rather than app version based?

  • I had the very first issue of the C&P when I received 6.24.......then I lost it and nothing is showing on 6.27.....??🤔
  • Just updated tonight to 6.26 ios and still no copy & paste

  • Nothing for me either, 6.26 iOS

  • The copy and paste function with the icon at the top of the screen was rolled out to about half of users to assess its usability. I believe it will be rolled out to the rest of us soon.
  • @Heatexpert

    Unless I've misunderstood a post comment from a Tado employee........Tado withdrew this after approximately 1 week of assessing customer usage of the feature as insufficient.

  • Is there any update on this….. I never got it and could have used it this week! Was it only rolled out to beta users?…… I noticed it had TestFlight on the working screen shots

  • I now have version 6.29 on Android, which includes copy and paste, as described in the change log.

  • Just updated to 6.28 beta version via the IOS TestFlight option and it’s there but it only seems to be room to room copy and no option for day to day within a room ☹️

  • @mikeyorkie10 room by room (ie across several days within a room) is better than nothing! Would like across zones too, of course!
  • @Heatexpert who made this comment?!
    In SaaS apps, the perfect is the enemy of the good.

    - Anyone already set up will use this functionality very little (because schedules are usually pretty stable)
    -it is one of the recurring negative comments about the onboarding UX on YouTube reviews!
    - it is behind Hive and Nest on this.
    - Drayton Wiser is also lacking this and it is the main negative comment on this too.

    = Tado needs to roll it out quickly and share quickly that will be the case!
    Understand redesigns are needed but it’s better to have a functionality there and collect feedback on it than take it off and not communicate…
    (I would prefer to have the icon and give feedback on where it doesn’t work than 0 comment on when it might appear)
  • @Ben_UK same here. iOS v6.27 and no such icon.
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    Have you tried updating to IOS 6.28 beta version via the IOS TestFlight option? That’s when I first saw it!

  • I can tell you that on V6.32.0 on Android both copy functions are there: copying one room to another and also schedules from day to day. I can't comment on IOS app.
  • Comment from Tado posted 13/12 re IOS app update for copy & paste:

    It's ready and on its way. Apple takes its time when approving new features. When they take a bit longer to check/approve our provided update, then it takes a bit longer for our customers to receive the update.

  • Working on iOS for me today 👍️

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    Just undated now to iOS v6.28(11239) and still no copy and paste. The update information said copy and past in the update.