Ghosts in the machine? Rebooting the wireless receiver.

I've had my Tado system installed for a few days driving our new ground source heat pump. I have the wireless receiver wired to the heat pump with several smart radiator valves and the wireless temperature sensor. Due to poor connectivity I've moved the bridge up into the loft, hanging downwards and with a foil backed piece of insulation above it to try and get maximum range. The house is a 250 year old stone farmhouse with 2' thick walls.

I've had issues with getting the studio at the end of the house connected which is does intermittently. I've read the long thread about these issues and think I have workaround for that room which is to removed the smart radiator valve and leave it open as the wireless temperature sensor seems to reach ok in that room so it can just call for heat as needed.

Last night I woke at 4am to a very warm house. Nothing was calling for heat.

So, after poking around I simply turned off all rooms. You can also see that the main bedroom has lost connection too and that's closer to the bridge that most of the other devices.

The heating turned off. About a minute later, it came back on again. It did this a few times until I looked up how to reboot the wireless receiver. Once I did that, it behaved itself and resumed it's 7am schedule as planned.

Anyone seen this behaviour before where it seems like the receiver is the issue and just locks itself up?