Room with smart thermostat combined with smart radiator thermostats

In a room I have already a smart thermostat who is controlling the temperature and 4 radiators. I should like to equipe the radiators with smart thermostats and place them all in the same group as that smart controller.

Q1. The smart scheme is set to 21°. What will happen if the smart controller detects 20° and in the SRT1 detects 21° or more degrees. Will SRT1 close the radiator valve while the heater stays on for the other radiators untill all 4 of them have reached 21°?

Q2 Now the smart controller detects 21° or more but SRT1 detects a temperature lower than 21°. Shall the heater staying on untill all SRT's detect 21°?

Thanks for your answers


  • Default is that the boiler is off. It will turn on if any one or more of the SRTs requires heat, or if the smart thermostat itself requires heat.

    When no device requires heat the smart thermostat will turn the boiler off.