why would this stat be calling for heat?

Another night of hotter than required house. Half an hour after the house is set to lower temperatures for night time, the dining room radiator stat was reporting it was at 22° while set at 16° but was still calling for heat. When looking at the room display it showed one squiggly line was lit. Can anyone suggest why it was calling for heat when it was reporting a temperature 6° higher than it's set point?


  • Hello there, any update on this? I am dealing with same issue and lady on support was so frustratingly unhelpfull that I got no relevant answer...
  • I have the same issue, all stats set to lower than current temps for the night, yet I wake up in the night and the whole house is hot, even though the app is suggesting all stats are dormant. Seems like a software issue.. stats calling for heat when not scheduled too. Not impressed really.. we have full house system (8 valves) and it seems to do what it wants. One room has already run out of batteries after 14days.. I was told 12 - 18 months but Tado staff pre purchase.
  • Pongo, are your stats calling for heat when temp is already reached or over, or they are unable to close so rads are still hot even tho stat are saying that no heating is called?

    If I were you, I would unmount every single stat and lubricated pins on valves with some wd40 and give them good push/pull with pliers to get them move freely, maybe your stats are overworking in order to close valves and that is reason why batteries does not last... And if you do this, remember to take batteries out of stats for at least 10 seconds, so when mounted again they will recalibrate...