Smart Radiator Thermostat anomaly

Am i being crazy and misunderstanding?

I have my temperature set on one of smart radiator thermostats (kitchen) in one of my rooms to 14.0 degrees. Minimum away is set to 13.0 degrees but home screen of the app is showing that the temperature as set to 13.2 degrees and actual temperature is 14.1 degrees .

Why am i getting 13.2 degrees when my schedule is clearly set to 14 degrees ?


  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    @dg74 I'm assuming you're actually in away mode when you took your screenshot?

    If so, once in away mode tado gradually ramps down the set temperature based on your distance from home and whatever your set-point is for that room based on the schedule. As the room is only just above your scheduled temperature of 14 degrees, it's anticipating that you might suddenly turn round and come home and therefore it won't go straight to the minimum away temperature of 13 degrees you have set else the room may be too cold when you arrive. If you drive further away and checked again it'd probably drop to the minimum away temperature.

    You can change how aggressive this is in the settings for your schedule under the Away tab. I think it's labelled "Preheat before arrival" or something.
  • thanks for that cbd20 seems to make sense now.

    I have the preheat set to comfort so i guess this is why it is doing it, if i turn it off then i guess i will see the change. thanks for your reply.