Moving House... add an extension kit to existing install?

Hi all,

I am moving house and taking my Tado equipment. I currently have a Combi and I am moving into a house with a hot water tank and non-zonal heating. The controls are traditional 90s Honeywell programmer and wired thermostat. I want to use my existing Tado and I assume I will need an extension kit to have hot water control. I have a Tado standard Multi-Room Control Starter Kit V3+ (wired thermostat, internet bridge, wireless TRVs)

What do i need to buy to complement my existing set up and work with the hot water tank?

Thanks in advance Matt


  • is the heater and your hot water device together in one device or are both devices independent?

    What are the names of the devices exactly?

  • mattlang
    edited November 2021

    Hi Cortana, thanks for the reply. It's a Baxi regular all-in-one natural gas boiler (not sure model) but it does both the heating and heats the hotwater tank. It is connected to a Honeywell ST699 all in one controller.

  • @mattlang Hi there, very old post I know but did you ever get this sorted? Cheers

  • It did get sorted. I bought a new kit for heating and hot water and sold the combi unit to a friend!