Zone control advise

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I would like to gain zone control of my current setup. Prior to tado I could heat ground or first floor zones independently via a wired thermostat in each of these zones. So getting that again and independent control to heat just the bathroom too is my aim.

My current system comprises of the following:

Tado wireless extension kit (replacing the danfoss programmer near our boiler)

Wireless temperature sensor (located on the ground floor)

Danfoss wired thermostat Ret230p (ground floor - set permanently to max setting)

Tado wired smart thermostat (first floor replacing the other Danfoss Ret230p)

Tado tvr (first floor bathroom)

Danfoss tvr's on all remaining rooms except the 2 where the wired thermostat are. (Master bedroom, living room)

Currently the only solution tado tech have given me is to put my old programmer back up and set to permanently on. And then to use my extension receiver where my ground floor danfoss thermostat is. They are due to send my a pdf on how this unconventional method would be wired up.

Is there anything I do or purchase to my tado work how I now want it to. As originally when purchasing the kit I only wanted to app control over heating the whole house :(

I'd appreciate any help

Thank you