Tado VS Bosch EasyControl

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This is actually not a question but a remark for everybody who doubts between one or the other.

I bought a bosch easy control at first. At random periods my radiators were heating while the target temperature was lower than the actual temperature. I have a vaillant , so i bought the converter but it turns out that it doesn't modulate any more and your vaillant becomes an on/off system. As a result the temperature overshoots about 2 to 3 degrees. Also the temperature offset has a maximum of 2 degrees in each direction. Which wasn't enough.

I had to turn my vaillant off at night because of the random heating problem (actually the valves didn't seem to close properly). Also the design of the radiator knobs is poor, compared to the Tado's ones.

The design of the easy control thermostat is nicer (it turns on when you come closer) and on the thermostat you can easily indicate "away", unlike on the Tado one.

The scheduling of in the Tado app is also more clear ("from when" - "till when" it will be active). Both brands have limited scheduling possibilities (try to implement co-parenting for example: one week a few rooms are no occupied and the other week they are).

The "easy control" shows clearly in the app when your heating is on and which rooms are consuming it (with a clear visible RED dot). This gives you more awareness and may help you tweaking your schedules.

The app of Tado needs some more visibility and i really hope they will work on those little things to become the better solution on the market. To be honest, the hardware is really nice, it's only the app that needs improvement.

Some improvements i see after working a few hours with the app:

  • Flexible scheduling (for example for rooms that are not occupied on certain weeks of the year)

Some functionalities are present, but unfortunately not visible on the main screen:

  • indication on room tile in the main screen which rooms are set to manual (for example to keep an eye on waste of energy by kids). currently the hand is only visible when you drill down in a room.
  • indication of which rooms are heating (now it is only visible when drilling down on the room). Bring the heating symbol also to the tile on the main screen...
  • indicating low battery on the tile of the room (so you know one of the radiators is running on low battery) -> maybe this functionality exists (i'm new to the app)...

For me, in general Tado's solution is way better than the Easy control solution of Bosch, which actually flipped/tilted in my case. Maybe i could have come to a solution if i would have spent more time with Bosch support, but I lost trust in the solution. Further more, paying extra for a converter which reduces my my heating system from a modulated one to an on/off system is a deal breaker.

For Tado: The scheduling must improve to further save energy -> this is also a marketing thing that can be exploited !