With weather compensation already installed should I go Tado

Hi. I have a Worcester Greenstar 34CDi classic with a FW100 Weather Compensator, so there is no wireless thermostat

Few queries

What model do I need ?-my energy provider are offering the Wireless Starter kit for £100 but I am assuming that won't work when I don't have a wireless thermostat at the moment - the FW100 is physically attached.

The FW100 seems pretty decent - my bills aren't too bad, though obviously switching the boiler on and off remotely sounds like super fun! With the existing set up am I likely to see any real value. Looking the FW100 up on the internet - they aren't that cheap to buy, so I just wondered if anyone had made the switch and saw real value or would I be better to get a Worcester smart thermostat? I'm aiming for a smart home and have home assistant up and running so my main motivation is around this.