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Extension Kit - 3 zone controller


I have an extension kit to config/install but currently a 3 zone controller is in place beside the boiler. I want to use the extension kit to manage the hot water which is one of the zones on this controller. Other two zones i have switched to always on and have smart thermostats managing them, so dont need to touch these.

My question is can i move the water only over the the extension kit? Will i be able to add this to control water only by tado?

And if i can, what in lay mans terms do i need to do ask an electrician to do for this to work? Going to get someone in to do it as its more complicated that i'm willing to look at.



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  • nialonialo
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    This has since been resolved, got an electriction in to bypass hot water from 3 zone controller into extension kit and it is working now.


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] | Admin
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    Hi nialo,

    This can be done - it would be best for you to contact our support and we can then give you a detailed response for your sparky.



  • I contacted support. and this is the stock answer i am getting. Which is not helpful in the least. I never requested to replace the controller. only hardwire extension kit to the hot water tank control unit.

    "Unfortunately we can't provide wiring instructions for replacing the CTC 3 zone controller with the Extension Kit.

    If you want to solely connect the Extension Kit for hot water control, we refer you to the professional manual and consult an electrical engineer if needed.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or issues that you cannot resolve using our Help Centre.

    Best regards

    Geert Paelinck

    Energy Systems Engineer"

  • Nialo, I have exact same problem as you with 3 zone programmer system - one for hot water, one for living area, one for bedrooms

    how did you get Tado system to work (I bought an Extention kit to hopefully operate hot water and have smart wired thermostats on the living and bedroom zones)

    I want to totally do away with existing 3 zone programmer, living and bedroom are set to always on, and currently operate hot water from programmer

  • Update - I got it all working. It was a simple fix of wiring both Living and Bedroom zones into the CH part of the Extention kit and the Hot Water zone into the HW part. The secret is you need to phone the Tado installer helpline to get them to add the Hot Water control icon to your room list (I thought this would automatically appear but it doesn’t, they need to do it from their end)

  • Hi Ken123, would you mind to share a picture of your extension kit wiring, i have the exact same configuration as you with 3 zone programmer system - one for hot water, one for living area, one for bedrooms but i still having a few doubts about how to wire the extension kit to fully replace my 3 zone programmer.

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