Temperature inaccurate on TRV's

When the heating is off, The temp shown by the TRV's is pretty accurate and close to an independent thermostat placed close by. However when the heating is on and hot water is flowing to the radiator the temp shown is almost 3 degrees higher than what the independent thermostat shows. Its as if the heat from the pipes etc screws the temp reading.

I realise you can set an offset but when the heating off, this means the temp shown is much colder than what it is.

Has anyone else experienced this ?


  • There are many discussion threads on this well-known subject, with a variety of suggested solutions. Use the search box to find them and read through all the opinions.

    One of the popular ways round this is to have a separate wireless thermostat, or separate smart radiator thermostat, in the centre of the room, linked to the one on the radiator. However this is expensive and impractical for every room.

    The offset does help, to a point, and with some adjustment of the "off" temperature in the room can work fairly well to achieve a more realistic room temperature when the heating is on.