Cold house question

Hello! Wondering what peoples experiences are of the best/most efficient Tado usage in cold houses. I am in a Victorian terrace, rooms have high ceilings, 3 floors & no insulated loft, large cellar below kitchen/lounge area. I went away for the weekend just gone and left the heating off, noticed on Sunday morning that some rooms had dropped as low as 9 degrees Celsius! Switched the heating on via Tado and it was on full all day and only reached about 16 by the time I got home. So last night figured I'd set it to not drop below 15 in the living room but since the house is so poor at retaining heat the system was just on/off all night (screenshot below)

This doesn't look very efficient and since the house is struggling to stay at 15 then could I in theory set it higher during the night and get the same pattern (as long as it was at a higher temp when I went to bed)? Boiler is ideal combi c30 which I don't think is the best but all rads are getting really hot. There are things I need to do to the house to improve the insulation (thicker curtains/ properly insulate between floorboards and cellar roof etc) but until I get round to doing them I'm interested to hear from any fellow Tado users who have old draughty properties and how they manage it!



  • I would begin by insulating the loft and, perhaps, installing secondary double glazing
  • Sorry my wording was unclear in the original post - the third floor is a large room so there is no loft to insulate! (it isn't a conversion all the houses on this row are very old and were built without lofts). Upgrading roof insulation could be another option but a bigger job I guess

  • It's a waste to leave the minimum temperature so high if you're away for prolonged periods.. probably better to set it lower or turn it off.

    Definitely worth investing some money on insulation, double glazing, upgrading doors etc. to save on heating bills.

    What's your heating flow temperature set to? You could try increasing this

    Are your radiators running efficiently eg. Hot from top to bottom. If not they might be blocked by sludge