Is Tado compatible with old swedish burner

Hey guys!

Iam in to buy tado but iam unsure if it is compatible with my old thermomatic era 10 and inside uint thermomatic RS. The inside unit has only 2 cabels and has only a poteniometer on it now.

Is it any one that has any tips or trix on this?


  • Hi,

    Can you give details of the control stat? either a manufacturer & model of a photo?


  • Hi, I have the same question. I am using Tado smart Thermostats for my radiators but I am also interested in using the wired smart thermostat to connect to my shunt valve. The shunt is a Thermomatic Era 10 and the analog thermostat control is a Thermomatic rs. You can simply google for information about these. Is the Tado wired smart thermostat compatible with these devices?
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    In principle we can replace anything that controls a boiler/valve with a relay or with one of the digital busses that we support. What we cannot replace are devices that measure water temperature, which is what that Thermomatic Era 10 seems to do(?) Our devices measure air temperature or depend on the temperature measurement from other non-tado devices.

    In cases like this the most important device to check for compatibility is the old wired thermostat or the wireless receiver from an old wireless thermostat. If this old thermostat uses a form of communication that we also support, be it a simple relay or a digital bus like for example Opentherm, then we tend to be able to replace the old thermostat. And be compatible with the boiler/valve/whatever almost by definition.

    For any definitive compatibility information about an individual heating setup, please contact our support team directly.