New home - Tado installed by previous owner

Have just moved into a new home with Tado set set up by the previous homeowner.

We have what I think is the internet bridge and a smart thermostat but apart from that we have no idea how to get Tado set up and working!

I have downloaded the app but when I try adding a device (the thermostat), I get an error message.

Do I need to connect the internet bridge to my wifi first and if so how do I do this?


  • Hi,

    Your internet bridge needs to have a wired connection into your router and powered (via router USB or separate plug). Within the Tado app, it should walk you through each step for setting up the bridge and pairing with the devices.

    Installation instructions here should help.
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  • Thanks for your replies.

    Have now realised that what we actually have is the extension kit under the boiler and the smart thermostat. But what we don’t have is the internet bridge which should be wired to our router.

    So presumably without the bridge connected to the router, Tado can’t be set up and operated?

    In which case, I am guessing the previous homeowner may have taken it with them when they moved out as they must have had the bridge for Tado to be operating…
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    @Sandown Correct, you need the bridge, it's a must. You may also need to contact customer service team to find what your options are.