Technical error, Customer support wont help me and sends me here for "the engineers"....

Well, like the title says.

Customers service (Akhilesh you lazy Bxstxrd) seems to point customers with a problem here to sort it out themselves instead of helping.

So where are those "engineers" who need to get "notified" of this problem???


User manual said loud and clear that the radiator thermostats will turn off the radiator before the batteries are empty.

There have been 2 radiators already who have been blazing at 100% for days with low/empty batteries. (so far for energy saving this year)

Customer service says they cannot close the valves when the batteries are empty (no *naughtyword* sherlock).


  • Hi @Meta

    You have stumbled on an issue regarding the batteries.......I have had 3 devices (very recently) that have stopped functioning properly because the batteries were too depleted to either operate the valve or send a message to shut off (or operate) the boiler.....however the batteries had not yet reached the Tado defined "low battery" notification point.

    Unfortunately Tado can't do anything to the device if the battery is too low as the device will not receive an instruction from Tado.

    You will need to change batteries and calibrate the device again and then it'll perform correctly again (at least my 3 did).

    I would purchase a stock of replacement batteries and look for the "tell tale" signs for your other devices. I think that Tado need to alter the parameters for low battery notifications.

  • Meta
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    You've got my problem wrong.

    The tado radiator thermostats don't need to send a message to shut off the boiler.

    Tado needs to send a message to the device IN TIME so it can shut the valve BEFORE the batteries get to low to operate the motor.

    Its not a batterie issue, nor a low batterie notification issue!

    Tado claims they shut it off before the batteries are to low. Yet, they don't!

  • Edit:

    They CLAIMED it. In the past!

    They adjusted there description to: " It is also possible that your Smart Radiator Thermostat won’t close fully, which may cause your radiators to heat even when not needed. 

    So they know of the problem, but instead of fixing it, they choose to put the solution into the customer instead of doing something constructive with it...

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    Hi @Meta,
    Please feel free to ignore my previous comments regarding your issue 👍
    Good luck in finding the solution 🙏
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    ''So they know of the problem, but instead of fixing it, they choose to put the solution into the customer instead of doing something constructive with it...''

    Good one!

    Similar case: Geofencing issue. FAQ has been updated and now recommends that for geofencing to work properly you must keep the app open in the background :-)

    No word to explain that this feature has a fault on iOS 15 and requires a fix. I suppose you can't really say it laud and then still charge same subscription fee :-)

  • Or you just change the batteries instead of swearing in this forum.

  • @Andreplusplus the fact is that they promised something, you paid them money to get what they say they will give you in exchange for the money. But they don't deliver what they promised.
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    @Summer I get your point, so if you are extremely unhappy about the product or service you paid for you have the right to make a claim or return it. There is so many options including  tado° Energy Savings Guarantee available.

    The other things s that to fix something you need to investigate & evaluate the problem, measure and test possible solutions, same time ensuring that you don't break anything else. The other key component is to have enough human resources...