Using alexa echo or flic buttons with tado. control all valves at once.

Echo and flic buttons are physical buttons you press which perform actions you specify in the alexa app.

It can be more intuitive to perform actions in this way rather than using a voice command.

I have posted a question previously as to how one could turn all thermostats off with one command and also resume the schedule and I have now been successful in this.

The first thing to do is to create a GROUP of all your valve thermostats within the alexa app.

When you then create a routine in the alexa app you choose the power toggle option instead of temperature , this has the effect of turning each valve off or resuming the schedule of each radiator dependent on whether you chose power on or off of that group from the routing you created.

Clearly the same result can be achieved by issuing a voice command without physical buttons.

for example, I can say "alexa turn the heating off" the routine that initiates toggles the power off in the group "radiators"

"alexa resume central heating" toggles the power option to ON in the group "radiators" and each valve resumes the temperature it was set to.

Hope this helps.


  • Update on this.

    For some unknown reason, resuming the schedule sets my spare room valve to 25 degrees despite always being set at 5.

    It is another anomaly similar to the fact that i can not ask alexa to set the main bedroom to 25 as she reports that she does not know how to set it to that but any other temperature is fine.

    As a consequence i am now integrating the flic button with IFTT

    Also bear in mind that if you have set changes to end at the next automatic change that the heating will possibly resume before you want it to.

    Would be far more reliable if we could select the scene "away" from alexa and as i keep saying we need tado to create this and other scenes within alexa.

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    I have used Alexa in conjunction with Tado ever since I had Tado installed over 20 mths sgo.....and apart from the very rare occasion when Alexa "misunderstands" my voice command, I have to say that it works perfectly.(I don't use "buttons" tho)....but I have quite a few Alexa Routines set up and also utilise the Alexa voice commands.
    I don't feel the need to "over complicate" the Alexa/Tado interactions by the addition of other devices.....but that's just me, I suppose.

    P. S...... "Alexa.....set Kitchen to 21.5".....and there it goes 🤣😎
  • Thanks POSit... I have just installed Tado and was wondering how I was going to control all the thermostats in one go!!!

    I have just managed to get Alexa routing working to turn on and off.. however I need to figure out how to get the thermostats to go to the schedule as it doesn't seem to work for me.

    I also agree that being able to activate scenes via alexa would be beneficial!! 🙂