Energy IQ - official press release vs faq

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Official press release:


(1) Press: [...] at launch, Energy IQ allows its users to have their exact heating costs and energy consumption displayed transparently at any time.

(1) FAQ: [...] the Consumption report is updated daily and estimates your monthly heating consumption and costs. To get a personalised estimate, add at least 2 meter readings from your heating system. To get more accurate, personalised estimates, regularly add your actual meter readings and energy tariff.

(2) Press: [...] Energy IQ is now available for all tado° Auto-Assist users with a metered heating system.

(2) FAQ: [...] if you have Auto-Assist, tado° controls your boiler, and your home has only one heating zone*

*UK Building Regulations Part L 2010. Every home must be divided into at least two heating zones. Living and sleeping areas (zones) must be controlled at different tempera. In larger homes, these zones must also be controlled at different times.

What are your thoughts on Energy IQ?

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Another 'marketing' talk
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  • Another 'marketing' talk

    Until it can differentiate between gas used for heating and hot water/cooking then it is useless.

  • If I want accuracy I can look at the half hourly consumption figures provided by my energy company and summed additionally by day, month and year.

    If I want to deduct an allowance for cooking and hot water I can subtract average summer gas usage for the months of July and August when no heating was required.

  • Another 'marketing' talk
    Hi @eezytiger
    I totally agree with your observation on how to achieve the "true" Heating usage figures.....that's exactly what I would do
    So, why does Tado let users think that this Tado feature is delivering what Tado states is your "Heating Usage"...... when it clearly isn't all.
  • Rob2
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    "London, 07 December 2021 - tado°, the European market leader for intelligent climate management,"

    After an introduction like that, you know that only b*llsh*t can follow!

  • eezytiger
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    edited December 2021

    I just took a look at the numbers from Tado vs reality for the first eight days of December. FWIW I have been supplying daily meter readings to Tado to maximise the chance of valid data.

    Tado says 353 kWh of heating consumption.

    Ovo says 517.25 kWh total gas consumption.

    Difference = 162.25 kWh.

    Allowing for average gas usage during summer months of 130 kWh = 4.2 kWh per day, eight days of non heating gas consumption would be 33.5 kWh.

    It seems that Tado estimates are far removed from reality.

    EDIT : I've just checked November numbers. The match is much better for November.

    Tado = 1124.8 kWh

    Ovo = 1342.5 kWh

    Difference = 217.7 kWh. Allow 130kWh for cooking and water and the difference is only 87.7 kWh. Given the estimation involved I think that's not too bad, but I still don't see the point in the Tado figures when I can get precise numbers rather than guesstimates.

  • Another 'marketing' talk


    I'm sure you meant to say " guesstimates" 😎 I prefer to call it SWAG (scientific wild arse guess) 🤣 No offence meant !!!

  • Personally, I haven't found either of the Energy IQ functions useful so I don't use them but then I didn't base my original purchase of Tado on these type of features being available so I don't worry too much about it.

    I don't feel either of the poll options apply.