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Cooperation between Smart Thermostat and Smart AC Control

Can application/system somehow specially benefit if i will have Smart Thermostat (for heating) and Smart AC Control (for AC)?

I mean like .. that I have centrally set temperature, and Tado automatically decides if it will run heating or air condition? Or these are two separated functionalities which not cooperate?

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    At this time they run as separate rooms, but it is something we are looking into. Perhaps you could add a suggestion to the respective forum?

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  • Some - that is mainly American smart thermostats are designed to control whole house HVAC systems. For us poor neglected Europeans HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation And Cooling.

    Being that a HVAC system combines heating and cooling these (American) smart thermostats are able to set a desired temperature and if too cold call for heat, and if too hot turn on the cooling. US versions of the Nest Thermostat can do this as an example but not European versions of the Nest since in general European homes do not have integrated HVAC systems. (At best European homes might have separate AC systems - typically what are called split units whereby half hangs on the inside of a wall and half on the outside of the wall with connections between the halves.)

    As per the request by @Tragedie_v_JZD

    this could in theory be done by linking the Tado Smart Thermostat and a Tado Smart AC.

    Currently since they have no integration they would if you are not careful fight each other. You could for example accidentally set the Smart Thermostat to warm up to 22° and have the Smart AC set to cool to 20° with the result both would run continuously. In theory having the smart thermostat warm to 21° and the Smart AC to cool down to 22° would not result in a conflict. Basically you need to ensure they do not overlap.

    An alternative approach but harder to set up would be a rule that if the Smart Thermostat is satisfied or above it's target temp this would trigger turning on the AC and if below target temp it would turn off the AC. Perhaps this could be done using IFTTT or if you have a Smart AC 3+ you could do this using a HomeKit rule.

  • How you do manage to link thermostat with the Trado AC and please share the ways of doing ac repair also.

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