Why is water heating option available only in UK

Hello all,
I am based out of Belgium. Recently, I bought Tado wireless starter kit (V3+).
I noticed that there is no water heating option in my receiver, and that the option is available only in UK and not for the rest of Europe.
Curious to know why is it so? And, how much difference will it have on savings is hot water is also regulated wirelessly (I never switch-off my boiler, so wondering what will be the impact).

Also, one of my friends is also planning to buy the kit. Can he use the starter kit (with hot water option) if he orders the starter kit from UK? I hope there is no technical restrictions/challenges to use UK device in Belgium.


  • Hi @CatyBoy

    I think that you will have to ask Tado why they have different options for the different countries they support.

    I'm sure that you could purchase a UK variant through a UK supplier.......but I'm not sure if the Tado Installation Instructions will cover this " hybrid"

  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    I think it is because apparently in the UK most systems have separate on/off control for heating and hot water, so you need a system with two relay controls, while e.g. in NL most systems are combined heating/hot water and have OpenTherm bus control with modulation, which also controls the hot water on/off function (over the same bus).

    Maybe when you have an ancient system with only on/off control and separate hot water control, you are better off with a UK version of the Tado. But frankly, you will save a lot more money by installing a modern heating system first.