Create a routine for Alexa with Tado

Good morning.

I was looking around for a while but can not see a solution for this, so I wonder if anyone has done this or how I can get it possible working :)

I can see and possible control ( not tried yet ) the Tado Thermostats with Alexa, but I can not create a routine with Alexa, as the thermostats do not appear as a smart home device or else, at least I can not find them ( but I can see them as Thermostats).

I would just like to create a routine to turn on or off a smart plug when the temperature is over or under a defined value.

I have tried it with ifttt, which sees all devices but it does not seem to work well with Tado.

My only alternative next try would be to get other temperature sensors which Alexa can find, which is a bit of a pity, as Tado already has all the information I would need for a routine.

Maybe I can just not see it, so I would be very grateful if someone could push me in the right direction :)

Thank you and have all a nice day.


  • You should take this up with Amazon. The last time I looked into this Amazon allowed motion and door contact sensors to trigger routines, but excluded temperature and humidity sensors. I understand (never tried it myself) that Zigbee temperature sensors connected directly to the Alexa hub can trigger routines, but not all Alexa devices have support for Zigbee.