SRT disconnects at low temperatures?

cbd20 | Moderator

Went away for a couple of days, so the heating was essentially set to a low setback temperature for the duration. Our kitchen, which is the coldest room in the house for a number of reasons, has a smart radiator thermostat that had new batteries about 2 months ago. As this room cooled down the thermostat started repeatedly disconnecting. This device has been rock solid for over a year apart from a brief disconnection during a particularly cold night a month or so ago.

Once home I unmounted the kitchen SRT, removed the batteries for a short while and reinstalled and it sparked back into life.

Looking at the graph for that room, it's only as the temperature in the kitchen dropped right down towards 13 degrees did the thermostat start acting up. Has anyone else observed this low temperature connectivity problem? Poor battery performance at lower temperatures perhaps - although 13 degrees is hardly extreme!

I also had a separate issue that when I got closer to home the geofencing started to ramp up the heating (in the rooms that were still online) as we got closer to home but then tado refused to acknowledge when we were actually at home. So the geofencing only half worked and all the rooms got stuck in a semi-reduced set back temperature. Force closing and reopening the app umpteen times eventually sorted it - but that's a discussion for another time.