Extension no longer paired

Hi All,

In need of some help. I have a tado extension, thermostat and 12 TVRs. I have these all set up in my new property for a month without issue. The system controls both hot water to the cylinder and heating in a fully pumped s-plan system. The house is relatively large so some devices are at the periphery of the Internet bridge range.

A few days ago my extension stopped pulsing and disconnected from the bridge. I have since been unable to reconnect it. I have reset the bridge and the extension several times including powering down both. I have deleted the home and reinstalled all the tado devices. I have moved the Internet bridge into the same room as the extension so I know range isn’t an issue. I cannot however get the extension to pulse again. It’s currently double blinking to show it’s not paired. When I go onto the tado app however it shows as connected.

After resetting everything and reinstalling the home I have used the thermostat to set the system as follows T5/HW Ticked/ EX Ticked/ R01.

Can anyone please help?