Can I use a combination of tado TRVs and the thermostat to control the house?

I’d planned on using tado TRVs in each room and controlling them all individually. However my wife has now decided that aesthetically the TRVs are ‘too ugly’ for the living room or the hallway.

I’m trying to work out how I can still manage the full system and wanted to understand if my current idea will work:

Step 1: all rooms except living room and hallway to have smart TRVs and controlled individually
Step 2: relocate main wireless thermostat to hallway (living room feeds onto hall) and fit dumb TRVs to rads here
Step 3: set main house program for hallway and living room, then have the individual TRVs managing the other rooms.

Only thing I’m not sure is whether, if the main thermostat is ‘turned off’ because I don’t need heat to living room or hallway, will it stop any heat demand to the other rooms?

Or is my planned system a normal compromise?