Smart radiator thermostat as a zone valve actuator?

Could somebody help me in my project? Problem is that the more I read, the more confusing it gets. My setup:

  • House
  • Gas boiler (old as a rock Viessmann)
  • Wet underfloor heating on first floor 
  • UFH has 3 zones (collector with zone valves but without actuators)
  • Circulation pump 
  • No room or boiler thermostats at all 

I’d like to automate the underfloor heating:

Zone 1, Bathroom: Thermostat to measure temperature,  something* to control the zone valve

Zones 2, 3, kitchen and living room: Open planning, one thermostat to measure temperature in the whole area, and something* to control both zone valves at once, or two thermostats and something* to control the zone valves separately. 

Could this be so easy that I need only wireless smart thermostats (two or three), and three *Smart Radiator Valves which I connect to the collector, and they act as actuators?

If we go one step further, ideally there could be a switch connected to the boiler (one boiler heats up uwh and warm water), so that I could switch off the heating (uwh) remotely if needed. 

The boiler is so old that I don’t even know does it support any thermostat, so this could be done in the future, but I could buy necessary HW for a preparation. Main question is the floor heating one.

Thank you in advance!