When single room should be heated in multiroom setup Tado doesn't.

Hi all,

We've got a multiroom setup with about 6 rooms that have Tado Radiator thermostats (bedrooms, bathroom, etc.). The living room has a Tado radiator thermostat and a normal Tado thermostat which are configured to the same room (on/off system).

It all seems to work well, until the living room is the only room that should be heated. The app says it's heating the room up, but it isn't, the radiator stays cold and the temperature stays at around 18 degrees celcius versus the programmed 20 degrees celcius. Other rooms are scheduled to not heat during the day, because we rarely find ourselves in those other rooms during the day.

When we manually raise the desired temperature in one of the other rooms (besides the living room), or set the app to raise the temperature to the max in all rooms, the boiler starts heating and also the temperature in the living room starts rising.

It almost seems like we need to have at least two room in "heating mode" before the living room starts heating. Am i missing some setting for this behaviour?

Ps. When I turn on the heating in a second room I can hear the thermostat physically enable the boiler (probably a relais is than switched, but why not when I want a single room to be heated?).

Thank you for your time!


  • Did you check if your Living Room is assigned to a Zone Controller? It seems it isn't based on your description. You can check this by opening the settings of the Room and there should be a "Heating Zone" configuration