Tado bridge and Vodafone WiFi hub

Has anyone any experience of the reliability/ stability of the tado bridge connected to a Vodafone WiFi Hub router? I believe the model is a THG3000.

I'm currently with BT but my contract is up for renewal and BT are playing hardball with negotiating a new deal. When I originally got BT, I had all sorts of issues getting the tado bridge and the BT router to play nice, but did eventually get it all sorted and it has been solid ever since.

I'm trying to avoid a similar setup issue if I switch provider, especially as the weather is due to get colder and I don't want to be faffing around with a bridge dropping offline etc...


  • I have had Vodafone broadband for quite a few years, and now also the Pro broadband with the WiFi hub. The Tado bridge rarely, if ever, drops its connection, and if it does it is normally due to a router reboot or power cut. Reconnection takes a matter of minutes. I would say overall it has been extremely stable, in the seven or so years I have had Tado.

  • That's interesting.....the bridge is physically connected to the Router and none of the Tado devices work on/with WI-FI......or am I missing something here.
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    @Heatexpert many thanks for the info. Good to know. Frustratingly a few days after I posted this my line developed a fault so have been dealing with BT and Openreach for the last week trying to get it resolved. Once done I'll restart my efforts of comparing deals, but this answer is helpful.

    @GrayDav4276 the WiFi part is indeed misleading, but it's just Vodafone's stupid name for their router. For some reason they insist on calling it a "WiFi Hub"... My main concern was if the router disconnects/ reboots does the tado bridge (connected via ethernet) successfully reconnect.

    A bit of background: I had to do a lot of faffing with the BT smart hub back in 2017/2018 and was in very close contact with tado during that time. They even sent me some diagnostic equipment to understand why the bridge wasn't reconnecting when the BT smart hub restarted (which BT insists it does every 14 days for some reason!!).

    I suspect myself and a few others around that time were guinea pigs and fed into the advice that now appears on the tado support pages for the BT smart hub. Essentially it now all works fine. However, I want to avoid a repeat faff with any new router I use.
  • Just set up tado via Vodafone, no problems however may be worth restarting router to pick up bridge.