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  • I have seen this person makes useless comments such as this one on a number of responses. Not helpful - just a troll
  • Hi @DrMG ,

    I'm sorry to say that you are " jumping to conclusions" very very quickly regarding another Community Forum member.

    You are, of course, entitled to your opinion.......however openly declaring that someone is "a troll " is not something that is appropriate for this Forum.....( In my opinion )

    ps. I'm pretty sure that @rafm5 was genuinely trying to offer an opinion/advice to @Domderon

  • @DrMG the OP was complaining that they forget to close windows, so the response from rafm5 was an excellent suggestion. Smart window sensors will work all year round and allow users to check if windows have been left open when everyone has left the home. Easy to forget open windows in the summer. They can also detect intruders opening windows and doors.

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    @DrMG Greetings from 'this person'

    A response doesn't have to provide a solution to your problem! It may however encourage some users to look more into home automation, sensors and alternative options, not just tado°.

    PS: So you joined this forum 05/01/2022 @ 14:41 today. You managed to read all my 191 comments (hope not in 3 minutes before your comment) and call them 'useless' - well done!