Can I use 2 tado thermostats, one for underfloor heating?

We are currently having building work done, including the installation of underfloor heating. Currently, our gas central heating system is running with a wired Netatmo thermostat. However, it appears this has now broken. We were going to get a second Netatmo thermostat to control the underfloor heating circuit. My question is whether the tado can be a like for like replacement, with a new wireless set-up for the central heating and a second wireless tado setup for the underfloor heating?


  • Probably need a bit more detail answer definitively, but yes. In my house I have a wired thermostat for the UFH. Extension kit connected to the boiler, and TRVs on all the radiators that don't have UFH. Works as you expect in that I can control the heat of all rooms independently.