Smart Thermostat - call for heat permanently on

Have had a Smart Thermostst on test for over a year to see how reliable the whole set up might be.

Decided to take it live it today, but find CH permanently on.

On removing the ST and testing continuity it is evident that the NO contacts are permanently closed, batteries in or out, and/or no matter what setpoint is set.

So, more fool me for assuming the hardware was actually working OK.

No matter what I do, nothing will cause this condition to cease - permanent continuity between COM and NO.

No continuity can be prompted between COM and NC, again no matter what is done.

Therefore, faulty I presume?


  • First question..... Do you have any other Tado devices ?? 🤔
    Second question.....what do you mean by "on test" and "take it live today"
  • I can report back that the device was set to 'wireless' and thus did not operate the internal relay.

    'On test' meant it was adjacent to my existing thermostat but not connected to the room stat wiring - so I could monitor its behaviour.

    "go live' meant connect it and use it as the working thermostat.