Worcester Modulation (wired stat vs wireless)

Hi all,

I am looking at purchasing the tado wired stat for my Worcester 36 CDI Compact, but have a few question first.

A) Does this offer full heating modulation / load compensation via the +/- connectors when connected to the EMS port on the boiler? I am assuming that it will, but a few contradictive discussions on here, but I think they may be relating to the new V3 wireless stat, which for some strange reason appears not to offer modulation via EMS.

B) Are there any other functions available with the wireless stat that the wired stat does not offer, other than the obvious "wireless" function and the ability for it to control hot water.

C) Do the digital TRVs actually call for heat and send signals to the tado stat / boiler? Or do they just simply operate like a standard TRV with the ability to be controlled more precisely via the app?

Many thanks ins advance for any advice anyone can offer.



  • I would be interested to know this too :)

  • I too would like to know, seems to be a total lack of information available and what is available is confusing… please respond TADO… I have the starter kit; hub, wireless thermostat and wireless / wired NC relays controller, but no serial communication interface… so no modulation of boiler (other than the internal boiler control) why is it so confusing to select Tado modules???