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underfloor wired heating in bathroom


Whilst refurbishing my bathroom I'm thinking of installing electric wired underfloor heating but as far as I can tell the Tado system does not work with a system that has a temperature probe installed. As almost all of the underfloor electric heating units have temperature probes to stop them overheating I'm not sure if I can go ahead with the Tado system.

Does anyone know if I can buy a system with a probe but not connect it, or what my options would be ?

Has anyone tried this ?


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  • Hi,

    There are electric underfloor systems which don't require a thermostat with a probe connection, you might want to speak to an electrician about those options. Just make sure that you won't need to switch more than 6 amps, as that is the max. rating for the relay in the Smart Thermostat.

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