Purchasing a Tado system, what to buy ?

Hi, I'm looking to do a self install of the Tado Heating and hot water system.

I have a Glow Worm Flexicom 24hx condensing boiler (gravity fed) that supplies heating to the radiators and hot water, with a room wired room thermostat in the hall and a Towerchron QE2 timer controller (made by Grasslin) in a first floor cupboard next to a hot water cylinder. 

Can you let me know I would need to purchase ?

to control my heating on and off/timed and hot water on and off/timed.

Many thanks


  • Hi

    Sorry I thought Tado also responded to this forum but I guess not, so do not worry about this question, thanks.

  • Hello MikeyT201,

    We do respond in the forum, just mind it wouldn't be the most time-effective way to contact us for certain consults. You can always check with our chat support or open a ticket if you have a question you need answered in a timely manner.


    Regarding your question, we are compatible with your system. You will need the Smart Thermostat Starter Kit, and in this case you require an Extension Kit to replace the Towerchron QE2 for hot water control and also to have the Smart Thermostat in a wireless setup.



  • Hi Germán

    Many thanks for the info.

    Best wishes