Installation Help, coming from a Drayton system

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Hi all, I managed to DIY install Tado for CH control but HW is not working. Can you please help me with knowing if Tado is compatible and what the wiring should be?

Btw, I absolutely love Tado so far, especially multi-zonal CH controls!

I have a hot water tank in the roof extension with an older non-combi boiler (Worcester Greenstar 40cdi):

My previous (current) system was a Drayton Digistat SCR and WR1 wireless system & receiver.

It was wired like this, each box was wired the same:

They link to some Spaghetti Bolognese:

This is my current status with CH installed but not HW. HW is still connected to the SCR but does not work on the old system either so we're using an immersion heater for now.

Thanks for your help in advance!