Gear and Download Arrow on Wireless Thermostat


Can anyone tell me what the gear and download (this is my interpretation) icons mean on the Wireless Thermostat please?

I'd guess it has something to do with firmware but I cannot see anywhere that tells me this needs doing in the app.

I've tried removing the batteries and removing it from my tado set up and re-adding it a few times but no change.

I'm having a lot of difficulty keeping this particular device connected despite it now being within 2 meters of the hub with absolutely zero in the way of it.


  • The device is trying to download its configuration parameters from the cloud. You’ve probably stalled the process by switching it off and on. Leave it on and connected to the internet and it will probably sort itself out by the morning.

  • It's been like that for 5 days. Seems stuck.

    I took the batteries out for 10 mins this morning and put then back in but 10 hours later it’s still the same gear and arrow icon.

    Could be worth reaching out to technical support by the sounds of things.