New Product: radiator fans

Hi, I'd like to make a suggestion to expand the Tado product line.

In my country, the Netherlands, it's quite standard to have central heating, but a form of projecting this heat into a room (say, A/C etc.) is very rare.

Studies show that placing fans on central heating radiators improve heat propagation into a room and nets saving on your heating bill.

Incorporating a radiator fan in the Tado product line, one that integrates into the app & synergizes with the other products, would further Tado's goal for more efficient heating and energy saving. It could also aid in preventing an increase in your electricity bill when the fans only spun when Tado knows the room is being heated.

There are of course third parties which provide radiator fans, some with integration in other apps like google home, but not everyone wants to use multiple apps or continuously run radiator fans.

I feel the Tado product line could benefit from offering their own Radiator Fan, I would certainly buy one.