Setting Boiler Schedule and Temp

Hey there,
I have Setup my Tado thermostats on the radiators and the gateway.
Unfortunately there is no thermostat from Tado to Controller my boiler according to the product selector.
But my boiler has a display where I can set temp and schedule ….
How should I set it?


  • Please list all your installed Tado products, not sure if you have a completed setup.
  • I have installed all 5 thermostats at the radiators and added them in the Tado App. I also have a bridge obviously:)
    That’s it I configured a schedule and payed for the comfort features like gel fencing…
  • What connectivity do you have for the Tado devices and your boiler.....??🤔
  • No connection, my boiler is a Bosch/Junkers CerastarComfort ZWR18-7KE.
    The boiler has a display/thermostat wired to one room but according to the Tado website I can‘t replace it with something from Tado :-(
  • I don't see how your "new" setup will work......your Tado Smart Radiator Thermostats (SRT) have no way to instruct your boiler to heat up.