Connection issues

I don’t wether it’s my BT Router or Tado I’m having issues with. The boiler just comes when it wants to even though the house is warmer than set. I’d understand if the room temps were low but they’re not. I bought 3 radiator thermostats connected them thinking this will help but no still the same issue. The new updates are now installed on my Apple iPhone 12 max pro, still having issues. Any ideas please.


  • They have big connectivity issues and they don't care to resolve them. Also, two of my thermostats don't update. I have a lot of problems too and they responded to me with general answers which i already tried. After i told them that i already tried everything they have on the website and asked for someone to call me to see how we can fix this issues they said that it's better to return the items and go for other vendor than tado. Here is the email:

    Hello Paul,

    thank you for contacting us. I kindly ask you to leave your feature request in the tado° Community, so it can be discussed and voted on by our community members. 

    That feedback then helps us determine what we should change, and which features we should develop further.

    We are currently doing the best we can to innovate and develop our products and services to the highest level that we can. However, this also means that implementations take time to be fully integrated and work properly along with all consumers. So if you are looking for a solution to all of these things now, it would seem best for you to choose something other than tadoº - as I cannot guarantee you at this very moment that there are no more delays in features like open window detection, for example.

    Please have a look over the following link where you can start the returning process.

    In case you have any more questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    Kind regards,