Tado requesting heat but boiler doesn't fire unless I swith it of at spur and back on.

I have installed my wireless starter kit as per instructions. We've The
set a schedule and the tado is requesting heat but the boiler isn't firing properly. If I turn boiler of at spur and back on it fires and run fine. System was working fine before fitting tado.

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  • Matt_hornsea_1
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    I've sorted it. When I looked at installation instructions for rf unit it mentions removing link wire and plugging rf unit in. So if removing rf unit link wire needs to be refitted. I made a link wire using plug off old rf unit and hey presto working! =)


  • Not sure if you are aware, but a thermostat calling for heat does not mean the boiler is actually on. Tado (like other smart thermostats) is a TPI thermostat, meaning it modulates heating requests to maintain a constant room temperature. If you look in the Care & Protect menu you will see the TPI value for your thermostat. For example if the value is 20% then the boiler will be on for 12 minutes in the hour. The boiler will be off 80% of the time, but the app will still show Heating to x°C.

    If you ramp the set temp to 25°C I would expect the TPI value to change to 100% and the boiler to turn on permanently. If the boiler is still not firing properly then you do have a problem.

  • Thanks for quick reply. I've just retraced my tracks and realised I'd followed wrong instructions. But the only difference is that I had to unplug the rf receiver all wiring is the same. I've carried this out and now there is no response at all from the boiler