TRVs in Every Room and Extensions Kit Question

Hi all,

I have a boiler with a single, wireless thermostat.

I have a single Tado TRV and Tado smart thermostat and planning to add more TRVS/smart thermos.

My question is, if I add TRVs to all radiators do I need an extension kit?

Can I just set all the temps on the TRVs and switch the boiler to "On" and stop using the current wireless thermostat? Will the TRVs , in effect, be in control of the boiler and it will only heat when a TRV calls for it?




  • I think a thermostat will always be needed may it be wired or wireless to correspond the TRV commands to the kettle. I case of a wireless thermostat I think you also need to have the Tado wireless receiver installed at the kettle ( heater)
  • Thanks for the reply @de_bigMaq - I bought a “starter kit” which didn’t carry a boiler connection / extension so I assumed they wouldn’t be needed. I wish Tado would make the situation clearer