Good news or not for Tadoº users ?


  • Not at all, maybe they will change the support team in one that will not recommend me returning the products and switch to another vendor.
    I think it’s actually good news
  • I hope it is too, it would be great if the company was now to address some of the outstanding issues in its products. Proper offline operation and the introduction of a range extender would be top of my list . . .

  • Range extender is good, but first they need to fix current conectivity issues with devices that are within range. Also a signal meter would be nice, so you know if you need a range extender
  • Even with the current problems I am experiencing te nicest thing for me would be that future knobs/thermostats come with a solid chargeable also removable lithium(or better) battery pack which is chargeable through an usb-c connection on the device. If they really want to support climate change like they state they make it happen As a Tado user vs their competition I guess I am a fairly happy customer. But as aTado yser who invested in buying this pricey system no so much cause my ROI is not that big and efficient in a system that disobeys scheduling, measuring and even presenting heating stripes when not heating
  • I'm really not sure how I feel about this tbh
    I hope this isn't just a tech startup sell's time for Tado to "put up or shut up" with regards to the existing Tado system issues.
  • Sales of more than 2 million thermostats is quite impressive.

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    Love these formal almost like sublime poetry marketing statements xD where completely useless features are presented as major marked leading functions.

    I know that tado° is addressing issues, that's good, but they are too slow and still not transparent neither efficient in what they do.

    tado° is leaning into smart energy efficiency platform rather selling thermostats, platform that will possibly generate constant cash flow, not just for selling single devices.

    Marketing people don't talk same language as engineers, this is how problems start.

  • ”customers save an average of 22% on heating cost per year” is a Big Fat Claim hat doesn’t hold.

    My monthly report states about 0,3% but I don’t know what that figure is based on.

    In my case I use a lot more, because I installed Tado so I can heat rooms upstairs when downstairs is already heated up and my boiler doesn’t kikck in anymore. So, before I had chilly rooms in the afternoon, now I heat them because the smart knobs drive the boiler.

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    The savings percentage indeed is completely hogwash. I had a Honeywell Chronotherm before I got the Tado so I already had "smart schedules" (in some aspects even smarter than the Tado offers), and when I look in the Tado app what savings I have, it lists the time that I turn off the heating manually despite it being scheduled ON. That is about 3.5% of the time lately, and it boasts a saving of 3.5% on costs. Yeah DUH, of course I turn off the heating "until the next scheduled change" when I go to bed a bit earlier. But I did the same on the Chronotherm.

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    Did anyone ever see in all those reports what number of people in Tado (or FTE) are really working on product and software development? I think it is either a really small number, or those people are really inprodictive.

    With a company with basically a single product, and possibility to develop features and deploy them to the installed base, the number of new features and the response to customer wishes is surprisingly low. We get like one tiny feature or change a month at best, usually less. Most items that were on the roadmap two years ago (before the roadmap was removed from the site) are still not implemented. It does not look there is even one FTE on product software development, if there is even one person working dedicated on IT he probably spends most of his time on the production/ordering/support software, not on the actual product software.

    It still is my guess that all product software development is still done by one of the original founders of the company, who initially developed it. Apparently they are planning to change that, but they still forecast to need two more years to get the development really going again.