Hot water after hot water request via faucet

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Hi all,

We are considering to step into the tado system with the smart valves for most of our radiators. The main reason is that when I work at home, I only need heat in my office room while 5 other radiators are warming up the living room and kitchen. According to what I read, it should be possible to save a significant amount of energy if I could turn down the thermostat in the rooms I don't use when I'm in my office.

Before actually buying tado, I wanted to clear out some concerns. The first one was what happens when the internet connection is lost. It seems that we can still control all valves manually, which is something we can live with.

So here is the actual question, to which I couldn't find a clear answer yet. With our current setup (Junkers TOP 42 ZWB boiler without water tank and Junkers FR100 thermostat), the boiler starts heating when we request hot water in e.g. the bath, shower or kitchen sink. A short moment later, the boiler is warm enough and gives you hot water. I read that some people still have this functionality after installing tado, but I also read people for whom this didn't work anymore with tado where it did before. We do not want to program a fixed hot water schedule or need to use the hot water button in the app, so this might be a potential deal breaker if we lose the option to start warming after requesting hot water in the bathroom.

Does anyone know whether or not we will still have this option?

Thanks a lot! If I need to provide more information, feel free to ask!

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  • Hi I can only mention my situation. I have an Intergas Hre 28/24. I can not use the watertap function in the app because my installation does not have a separate waterboiler (heated watertank) connected . I can turn the tap function on and off in the app without having consequence in our system . I think the tap function is for systems with a waterboiler (watertank) connected in the system. I get hot water by turning on my hotwater tap which requests this by waterflow at the kettle l think. The tado has no influence on my hotwater tap requests in this situation. Maybe a co-Tado user can confirm this.
  • Hi @creven
    You need to contact Tado Support for their "opinion" on your proposed setup.
    However sometimes they don't always get it right.
    The chances of another Tado user having exactly the same setup as you is actually quite remote.
    Good luck
  • Thanks for your answers!

    I can't imagine that this doesn't work indeed, as our hot water taps request heat directly to the kettle indeed. As you suggested, I'm in touch with tado to clear this out. So let's hope they are able to provide a clear answer!