thermostat setup fail to load

I have a tado extension kit, and tado thermostat and a tado bridge.

The bridge is not connected to a router as I do not have internet onsite yet

I'm trying to configure the extension kit using the thermostat. The extension kit links with bridge successfully, the thermostat links with bridge successfully, but I cannot get into the setup menu on the thermostat to configure the extension kit to control the hot water. I tried this multiple times at distances between 2 to 5 meters.

Does the bridge need to be connected to a router with internet for the setup menu to work?

Many thanks


  • When I try to get into the setup menu on thermostat it tries for a few minutes then displays fail on the screen
  • Hello vcl00e,

    Yes, the Installer's menu would only be able to load if there's an active Internet access.