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thermostat setup fail to load

I have a tado extension kit, and tado thermostat and a tado bridge.

The bridge is not connected to a router as I do not have internet onsite yet

I'm trying to configure the extension kit using the thermostat. The extension kit links with bridge successfully, the thermostat links with bridge successfully, but I cannot get into the setup menu on the thermostat to configure the extension kit to control the hot water. I tried this multiple times at distances between 2 to 5 meters. Every time when I try to get into the setup menu on thermostat it tries for a few minutes then displays fail on the thermostat display.

Does the bridge need to be connected to a router with internet for the setup menu to work?

Many thanks


  • Hello vcl00e,

    Yes, to install tadoº and set it up you need Internet connection.

    Once it's installed and configured, if there's no Internet you can still control the system manually, but for the initial setup the internet connection is required.



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