Room thermostat very loose in mount

I've just fitted a Tado system and noticed how ridiculously loose the room thermostat is in its wall mount.

It just sort of sits on the mount and could quite easily be knocked off when cleaning/dusting the living room.

Is this normal? I was expecting it to clip into the mount. I'll use a bit of blutack inside the mount to keep it in place.


  • It does not “click!” but mine is not too loose, you have to apply some gentle force to remove it.

    Did you properly sit it on the two small ridges on top, then push it on the bottom?

  • Jorvik
    edited January 22

    Yep, it's attached at the top but the protruding part at the bottom does not latch onto the unit. I can just lift it off; it's loose.

    I have the wireless version, so maybe this is normal? e.g so it allows the user to easily reposition the thermostat. But it seems a bit odd to me.

  • It's true it doesn't really click only the tiniest of tiny bit and comes loose fairly easily. At least in my cases ( have 4 of those wall things)

  • Bob53
    edited February 6
    Hi, I found another solution to this. If you save the small blue tag you remove from the battery, fold the larger end two or three times, remove the thermostat from its back plate, then push down on the tab at the bottom of the back plate (not to hard or it will break) then slip the folded tag into the gap that opens up at the bottom of the small screwed on cover, it's a bit fiddly but it does work. You could use thin card as well.
    Hope this helps.