Schedule Failure?

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This morning just before 8 am I noticed the sound of my bedroom radiator shutting down whilst aware that it was much to early in the schedule to do so and that the temperature was just under 2 degrees under target. Android app confirmed 'twas closed and any attempt to increase target temperature (even to 25c) had no effect. The app nor the wireless stat controlling the rad could not cause the rad stat to re-open. As can be seen from the following, it eventually righted itself and continued to complete its schedule.

Makes me wonder whether such events could happen more often without our knowledge? But what would cause it?


  • Andreplusplus
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    Loss of internet connection? Bridge failure or loss of contact between bridge and other tado components?

  • samd
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    Sorry I should have mentioned that two other scheduled rooms were working correctly throughout this failure and the 'failure room' is only a couple of yards from the bridge.

  • samd
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    A bit more research shows that a very similar event took place with the same room a few days earlier AND a different room with just a tado radiator showed a graph with no heat call well before reaching heat target early in the schedule very similar to the Bedroom failure, implying a system rather than a local room equipment issue. The rooms in question have their tado kit within 4 and 3 metres of the bridge.

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    @samd looking at your graph, I'm assuming that the greyish band in the middle of your scheduled orange area is you performing a manual control trying to trigger it to open again?

    Without knowing your set temperature and the axis labels on the graph it's hard to know for sure, but my guess by looking at how steep that line is, is that the rate of temperature increase was fast enough for tado to shut the valve to avoid an overshoot.

    It's only once the temperature started to drop again did the valve reopen, though interestingly that didn't stop the temperature decrease...

    That being said, I've had all sorts of weird behaviour from a valve recently including spurious open window detections, disconnects etc despite new batteries - all on a valve that once worked flawlessly... So who knows...
  • @samd no sign of “lost external connection” messages in the failure room?

  • samd
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    @cbd20 Yes the grey band was where I was attempting to intervene and the graph only covers 2 degrees c - it just looks steep! but even if it were so i.e. that it was to prevent overshoot, that does not explain why it would not respond to a manual target of 25c and, as you point out, when back on song, it failed to prevent a reduction in temperature. Weird!

    @Andreplusplus No messages at all

    Thanks for your comments.