I planning to buy tado thermostat, starter kit + 10 knobs. I have two questions.

I have Remeha Avanta 28C boiler, Remeha Isense Thermostat and old radiator knobs.

1-My knobs looks like in the image blow, do I need to replace my manual valve with an M30 x 1.5 mm thermostatic radiator valve to connect with Tado Smart Radiator Knobs?

2-When I replace the existing Remeha thermostat with Tado do I need to only connect 2 wires?


  • Yes, regarding the valves. You need to get the thermostat to use tado knobs.

    And I'm also trying to figure out the wiring for the Remeha. At the moment it seems like you can stick two wires in NO and COM and use it as a relay. However, there's an option to use the digital inputs (+|-). And I'm not sure about the last one.

  • johnnyp78
    johnnyp78 ✭✭✭
    If you want to use digital connections you need to use either the wired thermostat or the eu version of the wireless receiver. Your boiler will need to support them too.